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  • The list of such courses offered this semester can be accessed via Student Affairs Information System.
  • The place of Phys2XX courses in the undergraduate curriculum can be checked here.
  • Some unofficial information of these courses are presented in this page through various statistics for visual description purposes only.

List of available (and historical) courses

Please click on the course name to access the official information about it: courses no longer offered will only lead to a blank page.

List of courses with the same course code

Below is the list of Phys2XX courses that have been assigned the same course code for historical reasons, along with the semesters that they were offered.


OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES 2013-2014 Fall, 2014-2015 Fall, 2015-2016 Fall, 2016-2017 Fall
PHYSICS FOR STUDENTS OF SCIENCE III 2004-2005 Fall, 2005-2006 Fall, 2006-2007 Fall, 2007-2008 Fall, 2008-2009 Fall, 2009-2010 Fall, 2010-2011 Fall, 2011-2012 Fall, 2012-2013 Fall


PHYSICS LABORATORY II 2013-2014 Spring, 2014-2015 Spring, 2015-2016 Spring, 2016-2017 Spring
PHYSICS LABORATORY III 2004-2005 Fall, 2005-2006 Fall, 2006-2007 Fall, 2007-2008 Spring, 2008-2009 Spring, 2009-2010 Spring, 2010-2011 Spring, 2011-2012 Spring, 2012-2013 Spring

Teaching history

Instructor timeline